Howard jenkins funeral directors liverpool

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Howard jenkins funeral directors liverpool

She is survived by her nieces and nephews, including Jane Bonnot, Sr. She was preceded in death by her husband, Eddison R. She is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Marlene Altemueller of Washington; two daughters and a son-in-law, Lois Evans of Washington, and Donna and Gary Hoffman of Lake Sherwood; 9 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren; her nieces and nephews; her cousins; a special friend, Becky Stahlmann of Union; and other relatives and friends. Arrangements are under the care of Funeral Alternatives Group, Lewiston. Alex Clark for allowing me to reproduce a photo of himself and his brother, taken in on the steps of Deanbank House. Eggimann, 90, died February 27, at Southeast Hospital.

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