Std acronyms funny

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Std acronyms funny

Wound-up Hispanic female unable to tolerate even the small discomfort of removing an adhesive plaster, but not yet full-blown histrionics. Calling Doctor Blue [to location] - public address system code for "baffling case needing more doctors to take a look in the hope that one of them will know what to do" Captain Kangaroo - chairman of a paediatrics department. Inbreds - doctors whose parents are also doctors Incarcaphobia - patient is hypochondriac prisoner who prefers hospital to jail cell Incarceritis - becoming dubiously ill when arrested or in court Incidentaloma - a usually benign mass needing removal found on a scan while looking for something else entirely Infernal Medicine - Internal Medicine department Insurance Pain - Neck pain secondary to a minor car bump Insurance Whiplash - Neck pain secondary to a minor car bump Interesting Case - A patient transferred from a non-specialist hospital who is an unmitigated disaster with no accompanying chart or documentation International House of Pancakes - neurology ward full of patients usually stroke victims all babbling in a different language. I haven't included the slang terms for all of the various medical equipment. Reversible Q-sign means you can push the patient's tongue back into the mouth to form the O-sign. Gardening - attending to patients in neurological intensive care. Known as Belly-button Fluff in Britain.

Std acronyms funny

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