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Corny jokes buzzfeed

Gyllenhaal's over-the-top theatrics drew the ire of critics, prompting Dana Stevens of Slate to write, "There are broad performances, there are performances said to be 'as broad as a barn,' and then there's Gyllenhaal's performance. Helmed by straight-to-video B-movie kingpin Fred Olen Ray, the flick is actually a fairly star-studded affair for genre nerds, since the cast features, among other horror notables, Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer and yes, the original Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen. If any other actress had played the part, we wouldn't care as much, but this is Cate Blanchett we're talking about, and she's capable of so much more. They both have collar ID. He's starred in Stronger, Enemy, Donnie Darko, and End of Watch, each and every time giving a performance for the ages. He was even nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. When it turns into a street.

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Corny jokes buzzfeed

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