Fun facts about hermit crabs for kids

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Fun facts about hermit crabs for kids

If you catch a fish in a lagoon and an alligator wants it, give it up. They are white and their body is rectangular, about 2 inches in size. Anura frogs and toads , Urodela salamanders , and Apoda caecilians. It has been said that the way to tell the length of an alligator is to measure the distance between its eyes in inches, which will tell you its length in feet. This is similar to sonar used by submarines and is called echolocation. These birds feed by swimming under water, which they do very well. They can be seen in lagoons and marshes, but they do come to the beach at dusk and often remain until nightfall.

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Fun facts about hermit crabs!

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Fun facts about hermit crabs for kids

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