Funny calvin and hobbes strips

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Funny calvin and hobbes strips

Shows up in quite a few strips, particularly near the end of the comic's run, usually dealing with some issue Watterson had with corporate policy getting in the way of art, or how modern society couldn't appreciate nature or the power of the imagination. Or training in cartooning? One Sunday strip was inked only in black and white with no in-between, one drawn with a lack of perspective. The normally reclusive Watterson does a lengthy interview in the book Exploring Calvin and Hobbes. It looked like what I had in my head. Then he stomped across them with a growl and said he was Godzilla. Calvin drawing a couple hundred more hits one week, Eva Herzigova a step ahead the next.

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Nothing's Sacred: Top 10 Calvin and Hobbes Adventures

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Funny calvin and hobbes strips

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