Confucianism jokes

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Confucianism jokes

His works not only become classics in Chinese literature, but his writings redefined and changed the course of the tradition itself. Many legends record that the birth of Confucius was foretold by miraculous events and that as a newborn, the baby Confucius was visited by many supernatural beings including dragons and gods. He eventually returned to his native state of Lu, where he attempted to influence the ruler but the Duke of Lu had no use for the teachings of Confucius. His fame and renown can be compared to great leaders and emperors such as Ramses II, or Alexander the Great, but Confucius neither never commanded an army nor ruled a state yet his teachings shaped the soul of China. His father died when he was very young and Confucius's mother was persecuted his father's legal wives, who resented her for having borne him a son and heir. This article is about the Teachings of Confucius What are the main teachings of Confucius? In the first two categories the results were statistically insignificant, but when it comes to self-management and relationship management, the Chinese scored about 15 points higher.

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