Wikipedia aristocrats joke

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Wikipedia aristocrats joke

This is a very good thing, because what they're thinking is, 'I want to be great. It's a republic though. So, it is in many ways, the separation of powers that you are trying to open a little bit, doesn't disappear. How does it affect governance today? Well, first of all, I would say one response is, 'Who cares what their interest is? So, this is a system that clearly constitutes a problem, and calls out for a solution, some kind of solution that would be better than what we have now, right? The trucking industry was very unhappy about the idea that Mexican truckers would come into the United States, so they, on the basis of alleged safety concerns that were foolish and silly and dishonest--because what they really cared about was the pocketbook--they decided those would not be phased in for 10 years.

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