Blonde cereal puzzle joke

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Blonde cereal puzzle joke

She tells them it's a fantastic country, the weather is great, the schools are good, they could live with her unless they wanted to get a place of their own, she would take care of the rent. She gets stuck into Eileen's bottle of wine without waiting to be asked then announces she's forgotten to bring round the DVD, Never fear, Todd tells her, they have all the entertainment they need. Andy asks what Gavin told her. Michael points out he'd rather be going off to Amsterdam or Morocco rather than sit in a waiting room. She's come to speak to Andy and it doesn't take him long to work out that Gail's seen Gavin and she knows the truth. In one of The Beano annuals, Rodger the Dodger reacts this way when a pair of newsreaders reveal that a meteor they claimed would hit Earth is actually going to miss the planet entirely.

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Blonde cereal puzzle joke

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