Fried hor fun recipe

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Fried hor fun recipe

The other noodle confused by the Westerns is the "nee tai mak" which is like the Hor Fun and the Bee Hoon combined with Milanese pasta. The taste, texture, flavour, ingredients, length, thickness, width, style, density are very different for the Chinese and Asian tastebuds but most foreigners may not be able to tell the difference immediately. Marinade chicken with sesame oil, light soy sauce and white pepper. They are not stingy with the beef, and the slices are thick. Add shrimp paste, stir fry for about 1 minute until you smell the pungent aroma. Bright orange prawn flavoured oil The prawn flavoured oil is the key to bringing this entire bowl of noodles to life by imparting its strong prawn flavours as well as adding a beautiful orange hue on top of the soup. The most difficult part of this dish is to make a tender taste of the beef and make sure that you do not break the hefen during the process.

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How to make beef ho fun 牛河干炒

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Fried hor fun recipe

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