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Courier journal derby fun

After , there was no race run for three years. Winning the race[ edit ] In , the first Woodlawn Vase was awarded to the Preakness winner, who was not allowed to keep it. The matter was finally resolved in a June meeting of the Maryland Racing Commission, which unanimously ruled to change Secretariat's final time to 1: It was first run under these conditions in and again in the years In , and the Maryland Jockey Club responded with a new event called "InfieldFest" with performances by musical acts, the "Mug Club", which included an infield ticket and an unlimited-refill beer mug, and a mascot named " Kegasus ", a play on keg and pegasus though actually a centaur. The original trophy is kept at the Baltimore Museum of Art and brought to the race each year under guard, for the winner's presentation ceremony. At first, yellow Viking daisies were painted to resemble black-eyed Susans.

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What it takes to make the Kentucky Derby happen

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Courier journal derby fun

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