Batman return of the joker download nes

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Batman return of the joker download nes

Deals weaker attacks, but better protects the player from damage. Gameplay[ edit ] Similar to games like Final Fight , Batman Beyond plays as a beat 'em up -type game where the player, as Batman , wanders through levels that are essentially side-scrolling , but have some depth to allow for three dimensional movement. Capable of stronger attacks, but is more fragile than the other suits of the game. The Offense Suit allows the player to punch open gray crates, which grants access to extra items and a few extra areas. The double jump ability allows the player to access some extra items, but the glide ability seems to have only one function in the game.

Batman return of the joker download nes

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TAS HD: NES Batman - Return of the Joker (USA) in 11:21.57 by Aglar

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